Cryo Wellness Slimming
Cryotherapy for Slimming

Are you struggling with stubborn fatty deposits and cellulite in certain areas no matter how much you exercise and diet? Cryo Wellness Slimming now offers localised Cryotherapy to specifically target these problem areas to help sculpt and reshape your body. Treatment areas include: stomach, hips, double chin, inner & outer thighs and arms. In order to break down these grey fats and cellulite, our treatment consists out of a two-step approach:

1. Blood Circulation

Firstly, we increase the blood circulation to bring in healthy nutrients and oxygen to help break down fatty tissue and stimulate elastin and collagen production to help firm the skin. During the Cryotherapy session the affected area is treated with nitrogen vapour of up to -160 ˚C and the skin temperature is brought down to about 4 ˚C. This stimulates the body to send a rush of oxygenated blood to help heat up the area, up to four times the normal amount, that speeds up metabolism and cellular activity.

2. Lymphatic System

Lymph Drainage Massage

The second part of the treatment is to ensure the lymph system is working properly, as it is the lymphatic system that is responsible for removing metabolic waste from the body. There are more than double the amount of lymph fluid compared to blood, but the lymph system does not have a pump like the heart to circulate the lymph around. The lymph is reliant on muscle contraction throughout the day to circulate effectively. When it doesn’t function properly, it can cause fluid and toxin retention in fatty (adipose) tissue. It is therefore advised to follow-up your Cryotherapy session with a manual lymphatic massage to help flush out the toxins.

What are the causes of bad circulation and cellulite?

There are many factors affecting the formation of stubborn fat deposits and cellulite, the most relevant being:

  • Some people may have a hereditary or disease related predisposition to poor circulation. For most, the lack of sufficient exercise and poor lymphatic function are the most significant causes. If the lymphatic system is compromised, fluid builds up in the skin and fat cells that places undue pressure on blood vessels and capillaries. The more pressure, the less blood flow.
  • In many cases a lot of body mass or what people may deem as body fat consists of excessive water retention. Water retention is not a natural state and could be an indication of a poor functioning lymph system and build-up of waste products within the tissue. Water retention does not just inflate body mass but can also cause poor microcirculation that leads to cellulite formation, reduction in skin elasticity and other conditions.
  • Cellulite is formed due to poor blood flow to the skin, specifically to the Dermis and Septa. The Dermis is the layer of skin above the fat cells that contains Elastin and Collagen fibres. When it is starved of nutrients and oxygen due to poor circulation, it loses its firmness. This gives skin a sagging appearance but also allows for bulging fat cells to push through, causing the dimple effect of cellulite.
  • The Septa is the connective tissue dividing fat cells. If it is healthy, it is elastic and can stretch to accommodate growing fat cells. If it is starved from circulation, it hardens and is unable to stretch with fat cells also leading to the dimple effect of cellulite. Water retention in itself adds to the fat mass promoting the bulging of fat cells.

After a course of Cryotherapy and lymph drainage massage treatments, you will see:

  • Reduction in body mass (centimetre loss)
  • Reduction visible in cellulite
  • Improved skin firmness
  • General improvement of skin appearance
  • Detoxification
  • Improved blood circulation