Cryotherapy is the use of liquid nitrogen vapour ranging between -120 ˚C and -160 ˚C on areas of the body. It’s a dry, non-invasive process that drastically lowers a person’s skin temperature that creates a powerful physiological response. It is a fast and healthy process that accelerates the body’s natural recovery while improving overall wellbeing and energising the body.

Is it the same as ice treatment?

Cryotherapy in this context is often confused with cold application such as icing. The treatments offer significantly different and even contrasting results. Icing cools down skin and tissue and has a penetrating effect due to high contact surface. Icing slows down cellular activities making it ideal for acute injuries but not for longer term use. In contrast, cryogenic gas is completely dry and at a temperature -75˚ to -160˚ colder than icing, stimulates the thermoregulators in the outer layer of skin with no penetrating effects.  The body responds by rapidly speeding up cellular activity in attempt to generate compensatory heat. Cryotherapy is thus indicated for the sub-acute to chronic phase of injury recovery (post 72 hours) because of its stimulatory effect on the body’s healing mechanisms. Most of the benefits derived from Cryotherapy are systemic in nature and are a result of the body’s thermoregulation responses to the cold exposure

Our Cryotherapy services:

Cryo Wellness Recovery

Cryo Wellness Recovery:
– Injury recovery
– Inflammation
– Back and neck pain
– Nerve pain
– Frozen shoulder
– Tennis elbow
– Rheumatic conditions
– Sport performance
– Chronic pain conditions

Cryo Wellness Slimming

Cryo Wellness Slimming:
– Stubborn fat areas
– Cellulite
– Detoxifying skin
– Skin firming
– Water retention

Cryo Wellness Beauty

Cryo Wellness Beauty:
– Anti-ageing
– Collagen boost
– Skin tightening
– Improved circulation